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Curriculum Manager for Computing and Digital Communications City of Bristol College, Soundwell Centre (formerly Soundwell College). Nigel joined the staff at Soundwell in September 1996. Originally trained as an Electronics Engineer, Nigel has been associated with Further Education since 1977. In that time he has also performed a variety of different roles in the Computing Industry. These have included developing database software and a long-term consultancy for the motor trade, software for Rolls Royce Aero Engines Patents Executive and children's school library software. For several years in the early '80s he was a Systems Engineer with ICL and worked on LEO and 2900 mainframe computer systems. More recently he has been involved in the JISC/HEFC Internet bibliographic database JournalsOnline. Nigel has also been a network manager and and UNIX systems administrator and has acted as a networking and IT consultant for a number of organisations., work which he continues to do when time allows.

Nigel was a full-time Lecturer at Brunel College of Arts and Technology (now City of Bristol College) for 13 years, and has taught at South Bristol College and Weston-Super-Mare College.

He does have other interests, including a collection of elderly vhicles and playing the guitar. He likes to write on subjects that interest him, particularly music and transport history, and has written magazine articles and contributions for software design text books. Nigel has recently completed a book on Thomas Tilling for Venture Publications, due to be published in Spring 2007.


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